Persian & Oriental Rug Services

Little-Persia provide expert rug repair, restoration and cleaning services, extending the lifetimes of customers' rugs throughout the UK.

Looking for a formal rug valuation, or just want to know more about your rug? We can help.

Little-Persia also carry out restoration and replacement services for insurance companies, loss adjusters and claimants.

Persian Tabriz wool and silk rug with wine stain or colour run/dye migration for cleaning

Handmade Persian & Oriental Rug Services

For two decades, Little-Persia has perfected a broad array of services to meet the diverse needs of rug owners, enthusiasts, and trade professionals. We specialise in rug appraisals, sourcing, cleaning and repair.

Maintaining a diverse inventory of over 1,500 unique handmade rugs, we have established our position as one of the leading rug specialists in the UK.

Handmade Rug Services

For more information on our handmade Persian & Oriental rug services or for a free no-obligation quote on any work, contact us on 0141 420 6989 or email


Why put your trust in us?

At Little-Persia we provide a number of services for rug owners and enthusiasts including rug appraisals, sourcing, cleaning and repair. We have over 2,000 unique handmade rugs in stock at any one time and are widely regarded as one of the leading specialists in the UK.

  • We have developed and manufacture cutting edge rug dusting machinery - we are specialists in this market.
  • We only use Wool-safe high-quality products when cleaning your rugs and carpets.
  • Each rug is treated as the unique and precious item that it is - the best cleaning method for one rug may not be right for another.
  • Our repair staff are all Iranian ex-weavers - we have decades worth of rug weaving experience and you can be rest assured all work carried out will be to the highest possible standard.
  • We can collect from and deliver to your door, from all over the UK.
  • If we do not think a repair is worth the cost we will let you know - some rugs do not justify the restoration that they need; often there are various options available depending on budget and we will let you know these in advance.
  • We have carried out cleaning and restoration work on historical rugs that have subsequently sold at auction for over £75,000 - you can trust us to take care of your rugs.
  • At Little-Persia we don't view rugs as our business, it's what we love doing. When we sell, we like to see rugs going to a good home. Similarly, when carrying out work it is important for us that your rug goes back to yours in the best health possible.


The work we do ranges from quick repair jobs to extensive areas of re-knotting. This case study illustrates the work we are able to carry - major Persian rug repair.


The services we provide

1. Professional Persian Rug Cleaning

2. Moth Treatment

3. Antique Washing

4. Persian Rug Repair & Restoration

5. Appraisals & Valuations

6. Rug Sourcing Services

7. Part Exchange and Rug Buying

8. Trade Customers - Interior Designers, Decorators & Retailers

9. Insurance Claims, Work and Valuations


Rug Cleaning

Little-Persia will professionally clean your hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rugs using premium Wool-safe cleaning agents and our experienced staff. We focus solely on handmade rugs, giving you the piece of mind that your rugs are in the hands of someone who will give them the respect they deserve.

We do not subscribe to the idea that 'one solution fits all' and will give your rug our complete attention and care. While it is possible to clean your own rug to an extent (information can be found in our rug cleaning guide) we recommend your leave hand-knotted rug cleaning to the professionals due to their value and often delicate nature. Rugs should be professionally washed at least once every 5-10 years to ensure a longer life.

Handmade Rug Cleaning Before & After Kashan Rug

We currently clean all rugs using specialised machinery and by hand. Before cleaning begins we will hold a consultation with you to decide how intensive the cleaning process should be - certain rugs (generally older pieces) are best given a gentler wash to maintain their integrity, minor repairs may also be suggested. For an in-depth description of our cleaning process see our rug cleaning page.

Please note that we do not recommend that you attempt to clean silk rugs by yourself.

It is also important that a rug is thoroughly cleaned regularly throughout its life as fine dust can settle in the foundations causing them to become hard and brittle.

Please Note: We may refuse to clean artificial silk or viscose/rayon rugs. These materials often bleed dyes in washing and the pile can break or become frayed. We would recommend not to buy these knowingly and send our sympathies to those who have been duped. See our buying rugs abroad article for information and advice on buying rugs abroad.


Persian Rug Cleaning Estimate

Enter the length and width of your handmade rug to receive an instant cleaning estimate:

Check if silk
£ + VAT


Moth Damage

We also provide moth treatment and control - if you believe your rug is infested with moths you should have it dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent spread as moths lay hundreds of eggs and can move from room to room. Please notify us before bringing a moth damaged or infested rug in-store to prevent cross-contamination. For moth treatment and information on how to spot moth infestations of damage have a look at our moth damage in Persian rugs guide or explore our moth damage repair page.

If you wish to tackle a moth problem yourself we can provide you with professional moth spray which is powerful but wool safe. This has a coverage of 12-25m2. Moth sprays can be purchased via our website, or in-store. Contact us if purchasing multiples for a discount. 


Antique Wash

Newly added to the services we provide is antique washing. This practise is common in places like Iran, Afghanistan and India to give rugs an antique or 'tea washed' appearance. Colours become softer and more muted after an antique wash. At Little-Persia we concentrate on antique washing of fringes more so than entire rugs.

There are a number of aesthetic reasons and benefits to antique washing cotton fringes. Firstly, over time fringes become stained and/or dyed and often these stains are irreversible using safe methods, antique washing creates an all-over golden brown appearance to fringes, hiding previous stains, spills or colour run issues. Often when fringes have been repaired previously unexposed areas of the warp show which appear lighter than the original fringe due to lack of oxidation. Antique washing helps to even out colour and make repairs seems more natural. Finally, some rugs in particular look better with older looking fringes than new, and often brash white ones. These rugs can benefit from an antique wash enhancing the overall appearance of the rug.


Persian rug cleaning fringes


Restoration & Repair

Little-Persia offer expert rug restoration and repair services for your handmade Persian carpets. We clean rugs and restore damaged or loose fringes as well as the selvages (the sides of a rug) in our gallery here in Scotland as well as work on tears, holes, wear and moth damage. No matter how badly your rug is damaged it is possible to have it restored, however we will only advise serious restoration work if we believe the carpet is worth the time and expense.


handmade rug sides selvages repair

A rug which has been damaged by the selvages (sides) coming loose - the quicker it's dealt with locally the less damaging and expensive the repair.


Repairing a rug with a rip and fairly large hole - first the foundation had to be built on to the existing warp and weft then the rug re-woven following on existing patterns and using similar coloured wool. This repair took place here in our Commerce Street gallery.



Appraisals/Valuation & Insurance Claims

Do you have a rug that you think might be hand-knotted but aren't sure? Or do you own a handmade rug but don't know where it's from? Send us pictures or bring in the rug and we can let you know more about your carpet free of charge.

Please note: We are unable to give estimates of private sale value for rugs as it is highly subjective.

We can also provide formal written valuations for insurance coverage or claims for a small fee, this will be based on replacement value and will be refunded if you purchase a replacement rug from Little-Persia.

It is always best if you can bring the rug into the store, however, if you are unable to do so, we can evaluate your rug using detailed images. Simply email us pictures of the rug with as much detail as possible on its condition and provenance and we will be able to carry out an accurate valuation. For best results please try to send as many of the following as possible:


*** Pictures should be a good resolution, around 1MB per picture is reasonable. ***



1. A picture of the full rug gives us an idea of the design and quality of the piece. From here we can begin to determine its origin and quality. Taking pictures from both sides will give us a better indication of the appeal of the rug as there tends to be a lighter and darker side to the carpet.



2. Using the macro-mode ( if available) take a close up of the sides of the rug (known as the selvages) at the back showing the knots running in to the ends of the rug:


handmade rug side binding (selvage)


3. Take a picture of the knots going into the fringe (or warp strands) of the reverse of the rug. Preferably do this from both the front and back but the back of the rug is most important. macro mode camera setting


handmade rug fringe (warp strings)


4. A picture of the knots of the rug with some form of ruler or measuring tape showing an inch (preferably send both horizontal and vertical measurements) which allows us to establish the knots per square inch (KPSI).


measuring knots on handmade rug


You should also send pictures of any points of interest in the rug, perhaps a particular detail or a signature, if the rug is damaged or has any areas of wear this should also be included (let us know if the reason for the insurance claim has caused this damage).

5. Any areas of interest including (but are not limited to): low-pile, moth damage, tears, stains, obvious colour changes, special looking designs, motifs or animal prints (sometimes rugs have animals woven in silk while the rest of the rug is made from wool), signatures or dates may also be significant. Older rugs are expected to have some areas of low pile but it would be useful to tell us the level and spread of any areas of damage or wear as this is not only part of the valuation process but helps us appraise age. Obviously if staining or damage is the reason for the insurance claim, the valuation will be treated as if they did not exist but pictures should still be sent.


handmade rug low pile areas


6. A close up of the pile itself is also useful in determining the quality of the wool and any sun-fade or oxidation (this is not necessarily a bad thing, particularly if subtle and even). macro mode camera setting


handmade rug close up of pile


The more you are able to show us the more accurate we will be able to be in our appraisal.

Contact us for more information.


Sourcing & Bespoke Rug Production

Little-Persia can source rugs based on your requirements. Should you not find your desired rug amongst our existing stock, we can normally find you the perfect rug in the right colours and sizes and have it brought to the UK within 3-4 weeks, we also have access to a gallery in London as well as contacts in Germany and the US meaning it is possible to find you a rug much quicker. If you are looking for something very specific or unique we can have carpets made based on your artwork or design - this process obviously takes much longer depending on the size of rug to be knotted (as it has to be produced bespoke) and is a generally a more expensive option.

We source rugs for individuals and companies by initially gaining a brief of their requirements and tastes. Pictures of a similar rug or examples of rugs which are perhaps the wrong size or colour but right design are helpful as a starting point to find the right piece. From there we can gather options and send digital images via email of potential rugs found by one of our agents. When you find something you think you like we will have more detailed pictures sent. If you decide you wish to have the rug brought over there is a 15-25% non-refundable deposit (in the event the rug does not work out for you we will be stuck with a rug which we would not have otherwise purchased and all the import costs that come with it). The deposit helps to pay for the duty, VAT and shipping costs to import and minimizes our risk to an extent - the deposit cannot be refunded but can act as credit and go towards another rug from within our current stock.

One of our largest, and most recent project involved sourcing a 9.0m x 6.5m mammoth sized rug for a law firm in Edinburgh. They were looking for a rug which fit tight criteria and the colours, design and quality had to fit with the room. Follow the link for a case study into a rug sourcing project.


bespoke handmade rug furniture
The process of making bespoke rugs becomes more complex, we can have designs made based on your artwork but this is an expensive and time-consuming process. Everything from the quality of the wool to the knots per square inch (KPSI) and the method of washing must be chosen and the design must be accurate. From here the lengthy rug making process begins, this could take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years depending on the size and quality of the rug. The final result is not guaranteed to be exactly the same as the submitted design as when the rug is washed the final colouring can have slight variations. That being said a typical rug design but implemented in an alternative way should wield accurate results. In the past we have had window hangings knotted for Cafe Andaluz in Glasgow's city-centre, these were based on the normal Turkmen design but shaped to fit around the windows to great decorative effect.




Buying or Exchanging Rugs

Looking to sell your Persian or Oriental rug? Little-Persia may be willing to buy it from your or offer an alternative rug as a trade-in. We have a massive range of Persian & Oriental rugs in stock (currently around 1,200) so please do not feel insulted if we are not be interested. Although we do consider buying rugs it would have to be at trade or auction type prices, it is much more likely that we would offer to exchange or part-exchange it for something in our store.

If you are looking to sell your rug we can agree a price and sell it on our website and in-store by consignment. After we agree a price we put the rug on our website and show it with the other rugs in-store and when it sells you get your money while we make a percentage on the sale. This may take some time, depending on the value you want from your rug, but you are free to take your rug back at any time (or request us to take it offline if it was only displayed on our website).

If you are unable to bring the rug in to show us please follow the same instructions for the rug valuation process above. When attempting to sell your rug it is even more important to include any pictures of stains and areas of wear or damage.


Business-to-Business & Interior Designers

Little-Persia is always happy to work in partnership with other businesses requiring the highest quality Persian and Oriental rugs at competitive prices whether they be other rug companies or interior designers. We have the logistics and experience to work closely with your business to bring about the best possible result. Whether its for an extended period or a one off project Little-Persia is committed to helping your business at every possible step. We can provide rugs, rug hire and handmade rug sourcing for clients and partners in the trade and design industries.


Insurance Claims and Work for Cleaning, Repair and Valuations

Little-Persia regularly carries out and aids in insurance work on rugs that have been damaged, stained or stolen. Whether you are an individual claiming on a rug or an insurance company looking for competitive repair, cleaning and restoration quotes from a company that will provide great value and results, Little-Persia can carry out the work. We provide insurance valuations as well as all forms of rug repair, cleaning and stain removal. We can source and replace rugs and have over 1,200 handmade carpets in stock at any one time.



In general we accept payment after the cleaning or repair of your rug has been completed, although we do occassionally request a deposit to start the work. Please refer to our terms for further information.


Call us today for a quote or free advice on 0141 420 6989


Handmade Rug Cleaning FAQs

How do I know if my rug is handmade?

Handmade rugs fall under two categories: hand-knotted and woven (Kilims, Dhurries, Suzanis and Soumaks).

While hand-tufted rug are technically made by hand, we would not categorise these as handmade for cleaning purposes.

To discover if your rug is handmade or knot (excuse the pun!) - follow our guide on "how to tell if my rug is handmade?" or simply email us images and size details and we'll let you know what your rug is, where it's from and how much cleaning would cost.

How much does handmade rug cleaning cost?

Our standard pricing for handmade rugs is:

  • Wool rugs: £30+vat (£36) per square metre

  • Silk rugs: £40+vat (£48) per square metre

There may be additional charges for things like moth treatment, or for particularly soiled rugs and carpets, but these can be discussed before we carry out any work.

There is a minimum charge of £50 for wool and £75 for silk rugs.

Discounts may be available for multiple items or for regular trade customers.

How do you clean my rug?

Rug cleaning is a meticulous and specialised process. Here's an outline of our 7-step rug cleaning process, designed to be as gentle and effective as possible to your treasured rugs and carpets:

1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection

The first step involves a detailed evaluation of the rug to understand its material, construction, and any pre-existing conditions that could affect the cleaning process.

2. Dust Removal

The rug then undergoes a dust removal process using specialized tools, which is more effective than regular vacuuming. This step removes dust and dry soil deeply embedded within the rug.

3. Colourfastness Test

A colourfastness test is performed to ensure the rug's colours won't bleed during the cleaning. If they are found to be unstable, we will take measures to stabilise them prior to cleaning.

4. Cleaning

This stage involves the application of a premium alkaline based wool-safe Oriental rug shampoo. The use of alkaline solutions helps lift and break down the dirt and grime within the rug, while being gentle on its fibres.

5. Rinsing

After cleaning, the rug is thoroughly rinsed. The rinsing process involves a mildly acidic solution that helps restore the rug's natural pH balance, neutralising the alkaline shampoo used during cleaning. This step is essential in maintaining the integrity and colour vibrancy of your rug.

6. Controlled Drying

Once rinsed, the rug is carefully dried in a humidity-controlled environment to prevent colour migration and distortion.

7. Post-Cleaning Inspection

Finally, the rug undergoes a post-cleaning inspection to ensure all stains, odours, and other issues have been addressed. If not, spot treatment is performed to remove or reduce as much staining as possible without causing damage to the fabric of the rug.

By focusing on maintaining the pH balance of your handmade rug throughout the cleaning process, our cleaning services ensure the longevity and preservation of your rug's beauty and quality.

Can you repair my handmade rug?

Little-Persia have been repairing and restoring rugs throughout the UK for twenty years.

With the help of our in-house experienced ex-weaver we can lovingly restore your treasured family heirlooms to their former glory, or simply secure your rug to prevent damage so you and your family can enjoy your handmade rugs for years to come.

Visit our handmade rug repair section to discover more.

How often should I have my hand-knotted rug cleaned?

We recommend professional rug cleaning around every 5 years, alongside regular maintenance.

Washing rugs helps to remove ingrained dirt and sand which can be abrasive to the pile the rug, causing it to degrade over time with use.

Think of sand and dust as tiny glass particles that with movement over time cut through the fabrics of your rug causing patches of low pile and pre-mature wear.

Over-cleaning on the other hand will strip the rug's fabric of its natural oils and lustre, leaving it looking dry or dull. Visit our handmade rug care guide for advice on maintaining your rug

Can you treat colour rug or dye migration?

Colour rug is often the result of washing the rugs at home, or without pre-checks, or can be the result of liquid spills.

We can remove colour run (dye migration) however this can be a highly labour-intensive process if it is wide spread.

We would look at colour-run on a case by case basis as it may not be justifiable to treat larger areas, or depending on how or where the colour has bled to may determine what can be done. This would fall under our rug restoration services.

Will you collect and/or deliver my rug?

We can collect (and deliver) your rug for a fee, or it can be brought to store.

This can be quoted based on the size and weight of the rug(s).

Some handmade rug cleaning specialists offer free delivery and collection, however they incorporate these costs into their pricing which is much higher.

We attempt to be as transparent as possible with our pricing. Should you need collection and delivery we endeavour to seek the best possible option and price for a courier service, or collect and deliver personally if local.

Can I drop my rug off?

Certainly, rugs can be dropped off at any time during our opening hours (although it may be best to call ahead to ensure Reza is in should your rugs need any specific quotes for instance on repairs you would like carried out).

Our opening hours are Mon-Sat: 10am - 5pm and Sun 12-4pm.

Will you clean my rug in my own home?

We are unable to clean rugs in your own home. The machinery we use and set-up does not lend itself to remote cleaning.

However, we can have the rugs collected from your home and returned after being professionally cleaned.