The Little-Persia Story

The story of Little-Persia is one of passion, resilience, and a deep-rooted love for the exquisite artistry of Persian and Oriental rugs. It is a story that begins in Tehran, takes a detour through London, finds its home in Glasgow, and eventually echoes throughout the United Kingdom.

Our journey began in 2003 with Reza Cheshmehdoost, our founder and leading expert in Persian and Oriental rugs. Born in Iran, Reza moved to London in 1977 to pursue a degree in computer studies. Amidst his professional success in software consultancy, personal life led him to Scotland, where he planted roots and started a family near Glasgow.

The Iran-Iraq war led to a separation of more than a decade from his family. But when he was finally reunited with his loved ones in 1991, his father presented him with a gift - a small, handcrafted rug. This simple yet profound token ignited a passion in Reza, one that would influence the course of his life in unexpected ways.

The rug fascinated Reza. It was more than just a piece of woven material; it was an embodiment of changing colours, of history, of an art form that told stories in intricate patterns and hues. Most importantly it was a link to his family, of childhood memories and cherised family gatherings. The rug became a treasured possession, and soon, one led to many as Reza began to collect these pieces of art.

Over time, his house in Glasgow was filled with unique rugs he had lovingly curated. Realising he could no longer store them at home, yet unable to part with these precious artefacts, Reza seized an opportunity. He found a premise in Glasgow and transformed his hobby into a business. In April 2003, Little-Persia was born.

Today, Little-Persia is home to one of the largest collections of unique handmade rugs in the UK. Our unassuming storefront belies the wonder that awaits within – a treasure trove of over 2000 unique pieces, each one painstakingly handcrafted from silk, wool, and cotton.

Reza personally curates our collection, seeking out exceptional pieces from auctions and markets in Tehran. He brings a wealth of knowledge and an eye for detail that ensures only the highest quality rugs make it to our Glasgow showroom and online store.

At Little-Persia, we understand that owning such a rug is not merely about enhancing the aesthetics of your home. It's about embracing a piece of history, cherishing the unique stories etched into every pattern, and experiencing the luxury of timeless art under your feet. It's about owning a possession that is more than a decoration – it's a legacy.

With the assistance of our experienced in-house ex-weaver we offer not just rugs, but also professional cleaning, repair, and restoration services. We understand the sentimental value these rugs can hold as family heirlooms. We treat each piece with the care and respect it deserves, preserving its beauty for generations to come.

Through his father's gift, Reza discovered a deep love for these beautiful rugs, each a little piece of history in itself. His passion permeates every aspect of Little-Persia, evident in the quality of the rugs we offer and the services we provide. While the business has grown and evolved over the years, one thing remains the same: every rug is a reminder of the relationship between a father and son, an enduring testament to the love that sowed the seeds of Little-Persia.

Our rugs are not just bought, but chosen. Chosen by those who appreciate the beauty of intricate designs, who understand the value of time and effort invested into each piece, and who see their purchase as a long-term investment, a symbol of refinement, and a treasure to be passed down through generations.

From our humble beginnings, we have grown into a trusted name in the world of Persian and Oriental rugs. We invite you to explore our collection and become a part of our journey. At Little-Persia, we don't just sell rugs – we share pieces of history woven with stories, much like our own.

Meet The Team

Discover the faces behind Little Persia: a diverse team of experts from Reza, our visionary owner, to Dustin, our skilled rug repair and cleaning specialist, each bringing unique talents and passion to our world of exquisite rugs.


Reza Cheshmehdoost

Born in Tehran and now a distinguished figure in the UK, Reza's journey is intertwined with his profound appreciation for Persian & Oriental rugs.

Inherited from his late father, this passion grew into a deep expertise, culminating in the establishment of the Little-Persia gallery in 2003.

Here, Reza's discerning eye for quality and artistry in rug craftsmanship shines, showcasing a curated collection that reflects his rich understanding and love for these woven pieces of history.

Ryan Malone Marketing Manager at Little-Persia

Ryan Malone

Since joining Little-Persia in 2006 while pursuing his Marketing degree, Ryan has been an integral part of the team alongside Reza. His role has been pivotal in enriching the website with informative content, driven by his keen interest in antiques and collectables.

Through extensive research and dedication, Ryan has developed a profound understanding of the art and history of handmade rugs, contributing significantly to the gallery's reputation as a trusted source of knowledge and expertise in this unique field.


Samantha Houston

Samantha Houston, a skilled Textiles graduate with a specialisation in weaving, brings a wealth of technical knowledge to Little-Persia.

As the product curator, Samantha applies her deep understanding of textile intricacies to ensure the exceptional quality of our offerings. Her expertise in the technical aspects of weaving is pivotal in selecting rugs that meet our high standards, making her an invaluable asset to the team and a guardian of the artistry and heritage our collection represents.

Repair & Cleaning

Mohammed 'Dustin' Fatehi

Mohammed 'Dustin' Fatehi, an experienced rug-knotting artisan from Tabriz, Iran, is the cornerstone of Little-Persia's repair, restoration, and cleaning services.

His hands-on experience and skill, honed in one of the world's most renowned weaving cities, ensure that each rug's integrity and beauty are meticulously preserved.

Dustin's deep-rooted knowledge in traditional weaving techniques makes him an indispensable part of the team, upholding the high standard of care our customers trust us to deliver.

Little-Persia Frequently Asked Quetions

What types of rugs does Little-Persia specialise in?

Little-Persia specialise in all types of handmade rugs, from traditional knotted Persian & Oriental carpets, to Soumaks, Kelims, Dhurries, Gabbehs and Berbers.

With our founder hailing from Iran, our main specialism is in Persian (Iranian) rugs, but we have a mammoth selection of rugs from India and Afghanistan as well in-store and online, as well as many pieces from China, Turkey, Pakistan, the Caucaus region and further afield.

How are the rugs at Little-Persia sourced and selected?

We carefully hand-select each rug within our collection to offer as wide and varied a selection as possible, ensuring unique and high quality rugs to suit any interior.

Whether sourced from workshops direct, on buying trips to Iran, India or Afghanistan, or antique rugs sourced from private collections, each rug goes through a strigent process to ensure it adds to our collection's variety and uniqueness.

Can you tell me more about your rug cleaning & repair services?

Little-Persia have been cleaning, repairing and restoring customers treasured handmade rugs for over 20 years.

VIsit our cleaning and repair pages for more detail.

Do your rugs come with certificates of origin?

Handmade rugs, unlike some unscrupulous dealers would like to have you believe, do not come from their country of origin with some sort of official certification or stamp.

We will of course provide on request our own certificate of authenticity and valuation for insurance purposes with any purchase.

How long do rugs take to make?

This question is really determined by a number of factors from the knots per square inch used in the rug, to the weavers skill and experience, things like complexity of design and number of colours can also have a dramatic impact and of course the size of the rug, combined with the knot density will play the biggest factor.

Handmade rugs could take anywhere from a month or two to several years to knot, depending on size.

Find out more by browsing our handmade rug guides section.

Can I view your rugs in-store?

Of course, all our rugs are able to be viewed and purchased both in-store and online.

While no appointment is necessary we advise customers to get in touch before their visit so we can look the rugs they have an interest in, as the selection is so large it can be time-consuming waiting to get down the bottom of a pile.

Contact us for details on making your visit.