Handmade Rug Valuations

Rug Valuation Services

At Little-Persia, we understand the intricate value that each rug holds. Our team of experts offers comprehensive rug valuation services to help you determine the worth of your cherished pieces and keep them protected.

Informal Valuation - Complimentary Service

Have you ever wondered where your rug comes from, or even if it's handmade or not? Our complimentary informal valuation service can answer these questions for you. With years of expertise in identifying the craftsmanship, origin, and design of Persian and Oriental rugs, we can provide you with insight into your rug's history and value.

Our Informal Rug Valuation Includes:

  • Identifying the country or region of origin
  • Estimating the rug's age
  • Providing an estimate of the rug's likely auction value

Please note, our complimentary service is an informal valuation and is not suitable for insurance purposes.

Insurance Valuation - Premium Service

For a formal documentation of your rug's value, we offer a comprehensive insurance valuation service. This service includes a detailed written valuation, certified by our expert team, which can be used for insurance purposes such as coverage against damage, theft, or loss, or to assist with existing claims.

Our Insurance Valuation Includes:

  • A detailed analysis of your rug's origin, age, design, condition, and materials
  • A precise evaluation of the rug's current market value
  • High-quality photos of your rug for documentation purposes
  • A formal, letterheaded written valuation certified by our expert team

Our insurance valuation service is offered at a fee of £48 (£40 + UK VAT):

Formal Rug Valuation

Whether you're simply curious about your rug's heritage or you need a formal valuation for insurance purposes, Little-Persia is here to assist you with our expertise and deep understanding of the intricacies of handmade Persian and Oriental rugs.