Handmade Persian & Oriental Rug Insurance Services

At Little-Persia, we have a rich history of over two decades providing specialist services in the cleaning, restoration, and repair of handmade Persian & Oriental rugs. Our mission is not only to preserve our customers' cherished rugs for future generations but also to assist insurance companies and loss adjusters in cases of severe rug damage such as spills, floods, fires, and more.

Restoring rugs can be a complex process and, in certain situations, it may be more cost-effective to replace a rug rather than restore it. Our team uses their extensive skill and knowledge to guide customers and insurance companies in making informed decisions about the necessary work on a damaged rug.

Our Expert Team

Our team includes a former rug weaver who brings his expertise to carry out all sorts of repairs. With Little-Persia, even rugs that may otherwise be abandoned can often be repaired and restored. We take great pride in our work and focus solely on handmade rugs, providing you with peace of mind that your rug will receive the utmost care and attention, whether in the cleaning process or during repairs and restorations.

Our specialist repair, cleaning and restoration services has granted us access into the Guild of Master Craftsmen register for restoration services.

Contact us for advice and free quotes on any level or rug repair and restoration and our dedicated team will be happy to help. Almost any level of damage can be repaired, however the level of work involved may not always be justifiable and it can often be more cost-effective to replace a rug than restore. We are happy to give an experienced opinion when this is the case, and provide options for a sliding scale of restoration work from securing, to fully restoring treasured pieces. 


Rug Replacement Services

Little-Persia has a network of local suppliers all over Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey, and China. This network allows us to efficiently replace damaged or stolen rugs. We can provide insurance valuations and work collaboratively with insurers to replace damaged rugs at a fair value.

Our Insurance Services Include:

  • Flood and fire damage restoration
  • Moth damage repair
  • Stain removal
  • Rug sourcing
  • Insurance valuations
  • Fringe repairs
  • Repair of tears and holes
  • Red wine spill removal
  • Colour run restoration
  • Replacing lost, damaged or stolen handmade rugs

We're always happy to speak to and provide advice to new clients, insurance companies, loss adjusters, and loss assessors, in person, over the phone, or via email. 

Contact Us

Reach out to us at info@little-persia.com for more information on our services or for a free quote or call us today on 0141 420 6989.