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Interior Design with Handmade Persian & Oriental Rugs

At Little-Persia, we are home to over 2,000 hand-knotted, handmade, and handwoven Persian & Oriental rugs. We believe in enhancing spaces by infusing them with timeless elegance and cultural richness. Our range of exquisite rugs provides interior designers with a unique palette to realise their visions.

Why Choose Little-Persia for Your Interior Design Needs

Our expansive collection of handmade rugs, handpicked by our founder Reza Cheshmehdoost, caters to diverse aesthetics. Whether your project demands traditional charm or modern chic, our rugs offer a seamless integration or an awe-inspiring centrepiece.

Quality and Authenticity

Each rug in our collection is a story woven with precision and passion, reflecting traditional rug-making techniques. Our rugs aren't just pieces of decor; they're heirlooms encapsulating history and artistry.

Exclusive Trade Accounts

We cherish our partnerships with interior designers. Our exclusive trade accounts provide benefits like trade discounts, early access to our new collections, and dedicated customer service.

Interior Design Trends with Persian & Oriental Rugs

Our collection of handmade rugs aligns effortlessly with various popular interior design trends:

Boho Chic

With their vibrant colours and intricate patterns, our rugs can be the heart of any Boho Chic design. Our vintage pieces and handwoven kilims add an authentic touch to this eclectic style.

Minimalist Modern

Even in minimalist modern interiors, a subtly-patterned Oriental or Persian rug can be the perfect accent piece, adding warmth without overwhelming the space.

Classic Traditional

Our Persian rugs, with their traditional motifs and rich colours, are perfect for classic, elegant spaces. These rugs can accentuate the grandeur of traditional interior design.

Bring Your Design to Life with Little-Persia

Every space holds a story waiting to be told. Let our handwoven Persian & Oriental rugs help narrate yours. Whether you're curating a cosy home or a grand commercial venue, we have a rug that fits your narrative.

Professional Cleaning, Repair and Restoration Services

Our rugs are significant investments that, with the right care, can last generations. Our professional cleaning, repair, and restoration services ensure the enduring beauty of your chosen pieces.

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Ready to collaborate with us? Contact us to set up a trade account and start your journey into the mesmerising world of high-quality rugs that Little-Persia has to offer.

Make a Statement with Handmade Persian & Oriental Rugs

Every interior design project deserves a touch of luxury, culture, and history. Let your designs narrate extraordinary stories with our hand-knotted, handmade, and handwoven rugs. Experience the Little-Persia difference today.