Mehraban Rug History & Origin Guide

The Cultural Landscape of Mehraban

Known alternatively as Mehravan or Mehrvan, Mehraban is a hamlet nestled in the Hamadan province of Iran. A site of rich cultural and historical significance, this area is renowned for its contribution to the country's illustrious rug-weaving tradition.

The Rug Crafting Legacy of Mehraban

The art of rug weaving in Mehraban dates back centuries and continues to thrive today. Craftsmen in this region have meticulously passed down the traditional weaving techniques, knotting methods, and distinctive design styles, securing Mehraban's reputation as a quality rug producing region.

It should be noted that there is also a Mehraban in the East Azerbaijan Province of north-western Iran, while rugs are made here they are less common and follow designs closer to Heriz in style.

Decoding the Designs

Characteristic of Mehraban rugs are the geometric motifs, which often include a series of connected diamond shapes or stylised floral patterns. The designs, although inspired by the weavers' surroundings and cultural influences, are distinctively Mehraban and offer a delightful blend of simplicity and complexity.

The Mehraban Colour Spectrum

The weavers in Mehraban take inspiration from the natural world for their colour palette. Utilising locally sourced natural dyes, the rugs showcase earthy reds, blues, and creams. These colours harmonise beautifully with the bold geometric designs, further enhancing their appeal.

Quality Craftsmanship in Every Strand

Mehraban rugs are known for their hard-wearing properties. Crafted with high-quality wool for the pile and cotton for the warp and weft, these rugs are designed to withstand the test of time. Furthermore, the high knot density of these rugs, typically within the range of 120 to 300 KPSI, attests to the weavers' skills and dedication.

A Shared Rug-Making Narrative

Being in close proximity to Hamadan, a significant rug producing centre, Mehraban rugs display influences from this region. However, the weavers of Mehraban have a distinct style that sets their creations apart, lending them a unique identity.

Experience Mehraban: When and Why

With moderate weather in spring and autumn, these seasons provide ideal conditions to explore Mehraban's rugged beauty and rich heritage. Visitors can delve into local bazaars, where they can witness the rug-making process and appreciate the craftsmanship up close.

Communities and Celebrations

The community of Mehraban comes together throughout the year to celebrate various cultural events. These often include exhibitions showcasing their revered craft, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience their rich traditions.

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