Handmade Rug Spot Cleaning

Often rugs will come in with stains or areas needing particular attention or care. The stains will be carefully treated using specialist chemicals to remove, as much as possible, the stain from the carpet. We cannot guarantee results of stain removal, all we can do is promise we will try all we can to remove or reduce the area and severity of the stain. Stains such as red wine, pet urine, tea and coffee are all common and can be removed if not 'set'. It is always better to have these stains removed as quickly as possible as results lessen as time goes by. Also, knowing what caused a stain can be crucial as attempting to remove it, using the wrong method can cause it to set making it more difficult or impossible to remove.


coffee stains oriental rug

An ivory coloured rug with a few areas of old coffee stains.


The rug has had its knots removed back to a healthy area of foundation

The back of the same rug showing the stain going straight through to the rear of this Tunisian rug.


As with any stain, the quicker it is dealt with the easier it is to remove. If you do spill something on your rug spoon up the excess liquid, try to blot it, dilute it then blot it again until you cannot get more out of the rug (do not rub!). Also, do not use hot water, warm is usually ok but hot water can open the pores of the wool and allow the stain to get into the root of the pile.