Wedding Gift - Kashmir Silk Rug


As we stand on the threshold of a beautiful new beginning, our hearts are full with the love and support of our dear friends and family. In the spirit of celebrating our union, a journey we hope will be as enduring and timeless as the most exquisite art, we have chosen a special symbol of our commitment to each other: an Indian Kashmir silk rug.

This piece is not just a testament to the artistry and heritage of Kashmiri craftsmanship; it represents something much greater to us. Like the intricate weaves of the silk threads, our lives are intertwined, reflecting a pattern of love, resilience, and unity that will stand the test of time.

For those who have kindly inquired about honouring our wedding with a gift, we invite you to contribute towards this lasting emblem of our marriage. This rug will not merely decorate a space; it will be a daily reminder of our shared values and the enduring strength of love, supported by the warmth and generosity of our family and friends.

Your contribution, big or small, will weave you into the very fabric of our lives, as we cherish this rug as a symbol of our journey together.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering this meaningful contribution. Your support and love illuminate our path forward, as we step into this new chapter of life, hand in hand.

Indian Kashmir Silk Rug
You can submit a contribution via bank transfer, or by completing the form below and you will be sent a bespoke payment link by Little-Persia for the amount you wish to contribute.