Touserkan Rug History & Origin Guide

<h2>Exploring the Artistry of Touserkan Rugs</h2>

<h3>The Town of Touserkan: A Weaving Legacy</h3>
<p>Touserkan, alternatively spelled Tuisarkhan or Tuyserkan, is a town nestled in the Hamadan Province of western Iran. This town is home to Kurdish nomads who have preserved their ancestral traditions, including the art of rug weaving. The rugs produced here, known as Touserkan rugs, are a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and diligence of the women weavers. These rugs are woven on compact, handmade looms, making them easy to transport, reflecting the nomadic lifestyle of the weavers.</p>

<h3>Historical Significance</h3>
<p>Touserkan rugs have been known in the antique rug market since the early twentieth century. The rugs are woven using the single weft Hamadan weave, also known as Sennah Baft, indicative of the region. Over time, some Touserkan weavers have adapted their weaving styles to cater to the demands of domestic and foreign export consumers, resulting in rugs and carpets that resemble those from neighbouring areas.</p>

<h3>Designs and Motifs</h3>
<p>The designs of Touserkan rugs are geometric or semi-geometric, featuring a medallion and allover style. The rugs are adorned with a multitude of designs, including palmettes with leaves and vines, flower heads, and a variety of animals, birds, and human figures. The medallion characteristic in Touserkan rugs is a dominant pendant or hexagonal shape design. The rugs are categorised as Hamadan Mosul rugs, which were successful competitors in the international marketplace during the era of inexpensive Caucasian and Anatolian rugs.</p>

<h3>Materials and Colours</h3>
<p>Touserkan rugs are woven with a cotton foundation and a medium to long wool pile. The Turkish (symmetric) knot is employed in the weaving process. The rugs primarily feature dark blue backgrounds, with some variations in shades of red or ivory. Additional colours such as different shades of blue, brown, camel, gold, grey, and green are used for the main border, guard borders, and design elements.</p>

<h3>Experience the Beauty of Touserkan Rugs</h3>
<p>Discover the rich history and intricate designs of Touserkan rugs. Each rug is a testament to the vibrant culture and deep-rooted weaving tradition of Touserkan. <a href="/collections/Touserkan-rugs">Browse our collection of Touserkan rugs</a> and let these handwoven masterpieces add a touch of Persian elegance to your home.</p>

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