Tabas Rug History & Origin Guide

A Glimpse into the World of Tabas Rugs

Tabas, a town located in the heart of Iran, is renowned for its unique and captivating rugs. The rich history of this region, coupled with its vibrant culture, is beautifully reflected in the intricate designs and patterns of Tabas rugs.

Historical Significance

Tabas is situated in the southwestern part of Khorasan in Iran, not to be confused with another village of the same name in south-eastern Khorasan. The city of Kashmar lies to the north, while Birjand and Ferdows are to the east. The town's location has played a significant role in shaping the unique characteristics of Tabas rugs.

Design and Craftsmanship

Tabas rugs are known for their medallion designs, which bear a resemblance to those of Nain, albeit with a more rustic touch. The patterns typically consist of medallions with loops and arabesques in bright colours. The quality of a Tabas rug is often determined by the number of knots, which can vary. The weavers in Tabas use Persian knots, making the inspection of the rug's back an essential part of the buying process.

Materials and Colours

The pile of Tabas rugs is made from wool occasionally with touches of silk, while the foundation is crafted from cotton. The rugs are dyed using both natural and synthetic methods, resulting in a vibrant palette of white, blue, cream, brown, turquoise, ivory, and crimson.

Similarities with Other Rugs

Tabas rugs share a resemblance with Nain rugs, but they are more rustic in appearance with lower knot counts making them a more affordable option. Despite the similarities, it's important to note that Tabas rugs have their unique charm and appeal, making them a prized possession among rug enthusiasts.

Tabas: A Rug-Weaving Hub

Tabas is located about six hundred kilometres south of Mashad, another significant rug-weaving city. The influence of nearby cities and the unique cultural heritage of Tabas contribute to the distinctive style of its rugs.

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