Sanandaj Rug History & Origin Guide

A Journey Through the Art of Sanandaj Rugs

Sanandaj: The City of Artistic Weaves

Sanandaj, formerly known as Senneh, is the capital city of the Kurdistan Province in north-western Iran. This city, almost entirely populated by Kurds, is renowned for producing some of the finest quality Kurdish tribal wool rugs. The weaving tradition in Sanandaj can be traced back centuries, with the city's rugs known in the antique market from the early nineteenth century. These rugs are recognised worldwide as fine Persian woven artwork.

Historical Significance

Sanandaj has a long and illustrious history of weaving wool rugs, a tradition that can be traced back to at least the classical period. The city's strategic value for the army in the early eighteenth century led to its growth from a village to a city. The term 'Daj', meaning 'fortress' in Farsi, was appended to Senna to become Sanandaj, reflecting the village's strong guard.

Designs and Motifs

The designs of Sanandaj rugs are semi-geometric, featuring allover, medallion, or Mihrab (prayer arch) styles. Traditional motifs such as Boteh (paisley), Gul (flower), Herati (fish), Minakhani (rosette-linked trellis), and Shrub are commonly used. The Herati motifs are particularly prevalent in the field. The rugs are woven from memory, without a draft, and are characterised by classical ornaments arranged in straight and geometric patterns.

Materials and Knotting Details

Sanandaj rugs are woven using Turkish knots, despite the asymmetrical knot, also known as the Persian knot or Senneh knot, being named after this city. The rugs have a cotton or silk foundation and a very short wool pile. The high-quality silk, cotton, or wool warps used in the kilims have earned them a high esteem among collectors.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

Sanandaj experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cold winters. The best time to visit would be during the spring and autumn seasons when the weather is more temperate.

Sanandaj Today

Today, Sanandaj continues to uphold its rich weaving tradition. Post World War II, the rugs have become more commercial, with very good quality weaves and a higher pile. Weavers have also begun to incorporate other designs, colouration, and sizes into weavings that are marketed as Sanandaj rugs and carpets.

Experience the Art of Sanandaj Rugs

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