Quchan (Ghoochan) Rug History & Origin Guide

Delving into the World of Quchan Rugs

Located in the Razavi Khorasan province of Northeast Iran, Quchan, also known as Ghoochan or Khabushan, is a small town with a rich history and cultural heritage. This town, nestled just northwest of Mashad, is renowned for its rug weaving tradition, producing rugs that are not only of magnificent quality but also bear a unique resemblance to tribal motifs.

Historical Background

The history of Quchan rugs is intertwined with the history of the town itself. Quchan was known as Khabooshan and Khoojan in medieval times and has since evolved into an important collection point for Kurdish and Afshar tribal and village rugs. The Safavid Empire, recognising the strength of the Kurd people as fighters, relocated them to this region in the late sixteenth century to defend the northern Khorasan border against neighbouring Turkmen tribes.

Design and Craftsmanship

Quchan rugs are known for their geometric patterns, often featuring the same designs as those produced in other locations in the northwest, with Caucasian Kurdish rugs, and with Afshar rugs. The rugs are woven using both Persian and Turkish knots, with an average knot density of approximately 120 knots per square inch. The designs are typically bold, with popular motifs including the lozenge-shaped medallion or allover style, shrub, and other folk art concepts.

Materials and Colours

The pile of Quchan rugs is made from wool, while the foundation is typically crafted from cotton or wool. The rugs are dyed using both natural and synthetic methods, resulting in a vibrant palette of red, blue, brown, beige, ivory, and green.

Notable Rug Styles

One of the notable rug styles from Quchan is the Gabbeh rug. These rugs are characterised by their simple, primitive patterns and thick pile. They are often dyed with natural, vegetable dyes resulting in earthy tones. The Gabbeh rugs from Quchan are made from 100% wool, making them durable and long-lasting.

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