Khoy Rug History & Origin Guide

Unfolding the Historical Layers of Khoy

Located in the province of West Azerbaijan, Iran, Khoy is steeped in a blend of ancient civilisations and modern cultures. Due to its strategic positioning, this city was once a significant stop along the Silk Road, allowing the exchange of goods and crafts, including the art of rug-making.

Rug Making: A Revered Craft in Khoy

Khoy stands as a respected contributor to Iran's rich tapestry of rug-making regions. The craft, passed down through generations, is a significant part of the local culture. The weavers from this region have honed their skills over centuries, achieving an impeccable fusion of durability and aesthetic appeal in their creations.

Interplay of Patterns and Symbolism

Patterns on rugs from this city often reflect a symbiosis of the floral abundance in local designs and tribal geometric motifs. The frequent use of 'boteh' or paisley pattern could be traced back to the Zoroastrian symbolism of life and eternity.

The Palette: Inspired by Surroundings

The weavers here have a keen eye for colour. Inspired by the surrounding landscape, they incorporate a broad palette, with shades ranging from earthy browns and deep blues to radiant reds. Natural dyes extracted from plants and insects add depth to these colours, creating a captivating chromatic display.

Craftsmanship: From Loom to Home

Quality materials are at the heart of these rugs. With a pile made from the region's high-quality wool and a warp and weft of sturdy cotton, these rugs stand the test of time. The resilience of these materials is particularly suited to the high knot density seen in rugs from this region.

The Weaving Narratives

Rugs from this region are woven using the symmetric or 'Turkish' knot, contributing to their durability. The weavers typically maintain a knot density ranging from 120 to 300 KPSI, allowing for detailed patterns to be elegantly expressed.

The Proximity Effect: Tabriz and Beyond

Close to Khoy, Tabriz has been a major rug production centre for centuries. The exchange of skills and patterns between these regions has enriched the rug-making tradition in Khoy, adding diversity to its weaving narratives.

A Glimpse of Khoy: Visit and Immerse

From the intricate architectural wonders like the Khoy Grand Mosque to the bustling local bazaars, Khoy offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Spring and autumn provide the most pleasant weather for exploring.

Celebrations and Traditions

Khoy's cultural events are a testament to its vibrant heritage. From local craft exhibitions to workshops where you can witness rug-making firsthand, there's much to explore and learn.

Enhance Your Space with a Khoy Rug

A rug from Khoy is more than just a decor item; it's a celebration of centuries-old tradition and masterful craftsmanship. Discover our collection of Khoy rugs, and let these timeless pieces add a unique charm to your home.

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