Kerman Rug History & Origin Guide

Originating from the historic city of Kerman in central south-eastern Iran, Kerman rugs are renowned for their intricate designs, superior craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. These exquisite rugs have long been revered by collectors and enthusiasts for their elegance and durability. Join us as we unravel the captivating world of Kerman rugs, their distinctive features, and their exceptional artistry. Don't forget to explore our carefully curated selection of Kerman rugs.

The History and Artistry of Kerman Rug Weaving

With a rug weaving history dating back to the 15th century, Kerman has established itself as a leading centre for producing some of the finest Persian rugs. The city's skilled artisans have honed their craft over generations, weaving rugs that are both visually stunning and made to last. The unique designs and quality of Kerman rugs have earned them an esteemed reputation worldwide.

Distinct Characteristics of Kerman Rugs

Kerman rugs are known for their elaborate, curvilinear designs and intricate patterns, featuring a harmonious blend of floral and geometric motifs. The colour palette often includes soft pastels, deep blues, and rich reds, creating an exquisite tapestry of hues. Kerman rugs often showcase central medallions, elaborate borders, and intricate corner elements, reflecting the city's vibrant cultural heritage and the weavers' creativity.

Kerman Ravar (Lavar) Rugs: A Notable Subcategory

Among the various types of Kerman rugs, a special mention goes to Kerman Ravar (also known as Lavar) rugs. These rugs are crafted in the nearby town of Ravar and are highly sought after for their exceptionally fine weave and elaborate patterns. Kerman Lavar rugs often display even more intricate designs and detail than their Kerman counterparts, making them a prized possession for many collectors.

Visiting Kerman: Attractions and Experiences

Kerman is a city steeped in history and culture, offering visitors a wealth of experiences and attractions to explore. Some highlights include:

  1. The Ganjali Khan Complex: A stunning historical site, featuring a bathhouse, mosque, and bazaar, showcasing the city's rich architectural heritage.
  2. The Shazdeh Garden: A beautiful Persian garden, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering a serene escape amidst lush greenery and flowing water.
  3. The Kerman Bazaar: A bustling marketplace where you can observe local artisans at work and find a wide range of traditional handicrafts, including exquisite Kerman rugs.

Embracing the Elegance of Kerman Rugs

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