Kashkuli Rug History & Origin Guide

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The Kashkuli tribe, closely related to the more famous Qashqai tribe, hails from the southwestern region of Iran. These Turkic people, who still speak a dialect of Turkish today, lead a semi-nomadic life, primarily based in and around the Iranian town of Shiraz. They migrate into the mountains of the Fars province during the summer months, carrying with them their rich traditions of rug weaving.

The Qashqai people, who have lived in south-west Persia for centuries, originally hailed from central Asia and the Caucasus region. This diverse history has resulted in a unique blend of influences from many regions, apparent in their rugs.

Kashkuli rugs, also known as Keshkuli rugs, are renowned as some of the finest available from the nomadic community. The production of these rugs is limited, making each piece a rare and valuable addition to any collection. The rugs are known for their intricate designs, high-quality materials, and the exceptional skill of the Kashkuli weavers.

Designs and Materials

Kashkuli rugs, also known as Keshkuli rugs, are celebrated for their intricate designs and high-quality materials. These rugs often feature traditional geometric patterns, which are playful and fun, yet carry a sense of the tribe's history and culture. Woven entirely of wool with fine weave and natural dyes, Kashkuli rugs are not only visually stunning but also durable and comfortable underfoot.

Distinctive Features of Kashkuli Rugs

One of the distinctive features of Kashkuli rugs is the 'Boteh' design, a motif that is often seen in rugs such as Senneh and Caucasian rugs. This design, coupled with the fine soft wool used in the rugs, gives Kashkuli rugs a unique feel and appearance. The rugs are more often woven on a wool foundation, resulting in a loose handle that is beautiful underfoot.

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