Handmade Rug Side (Selvage) Repair

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The side of rug also known as the selvage or the binding is what holds the rug together at the sides. As the rug is woven from side-to-side (across the warp strings - the non-exposed fringe) there must be an end point. This is end point is bound by the weaver both holding the shape of the rug and preventing knots unravelling. The binding can often become loose which encourages the rug to be damaged. Again, it is best to deal with the problem as soon as possible as a small loosening of the selvage can easily be fixed but soon become a significant issue. The longer the problem is left the more damage is done and the more expensive it becomes to repair.


A rug which has been damaged by the selvages (sides) coming loose - the quicker it's dealt with the less damaging and expensive the repair. Image courtesy of www.RugChick.com.