Oriental Rug Cleaning: Shampoo and Wash

Once dusting has been completed the rug is washed.

For Oriental and Persian rugs it is vital to check for colour stability in the rugs’ dyes. This will establish the strength of cleaning materials that can be used when treating the rug. Certain dyes on handmade (as well as machine-made) rugs are susceptible to ‘dye-bleed’ this is when one colour leaks into another, most noticeably on white, during a wash or if the carpet gets wet during use.

Many people buying Persian rugs look for natural dyes as they believe these to be better and more colour-fast than man-made (chrome) dyes. This is not the case and is one of the myths that surround Persian rugs. A post for another day. When it comes down to it, some natural dyes are colour-fast while others are not, while the same applied from chrome dyes.

Both the rug dyes and the wool are slightly acidic in nature while most cleaning chemicals are alkali – it is important to maintain the PH balance of the rug during cleaning, and if not possible to balance the PH after cleaning has been completed – which is why the rinse is so important.

Before we shampoo a Persian or Oriental rug we treat the rug with a pre-spray, this helps to break down stubborn stains and grease as well as creating a barrier to the rug colours to further prevent colour run.

Our wool-safe Oriental Rug shampoo is industry leading, this gentle shampoo allows for rugs to be cleaned without causing damage to the dyes or stripping the rug of its nature oils and lanolin.

Suds of the shampoo are massaged in to the rug pile either by hand or rotary machine (depending on the rug) to break up any dirt and grime using an encapsulation method which allows the rug to be washed without completely soaking throughout. This is important as dampness is one of the natural enemies of the Persian or Oriental rug.

Once shampooed the rug goes through an acidic rinse and extraction to set the colours and balance the PH of the carpet.


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