Oriental Rug Cleaning

Little-Persia is Scotland’s leading handmade rug cleaning specialist. We focus only on handmade rugs giving our clients the piece of mind that their rugs will be treated with the care and respect they deserve.

We recommend to have Persian and Oriental rugs professionally cleaned at least every 5 years under normal use and more specifically do not use carpet cleaners who visit your home! These carpet cleaners do not remove the dust and hard particles from your rug, they only shampoo and are unlikely to use high quality specialist Oriental rug shampoo, there is a good chance they will damage your rug or cause avoidable colour run.

On these pages we will describe our cleaning methods step by step, explain why rugs should be cleaned professionally and why using a traditional carpet cleaner could be a costly mistake. For those who would like to surface clean their rug at home or deal with spills and stains we will offer information on these pages to allow you to minimise risk while dealing with your handmade rug yourself at home.

Here’s a video to show just how much dirt can be hidden in your precious handmade rug:

Most rug and carpet cleaners do not dust rugs before cleaning them – dusting a rug takes just as long, and often longer, than actually cleaning it – do you really believe that washing a rug when it has this much dust and dirt still in it is a good idea?

Find out more about our cleaning techniques and learn why you should use a specialist handmade rug cleaner such as Little-Persia on the following pages, we will explain our step-by-step cleaning process including: